Douglas LaBier, Ph.D. and the Center’s Mission



Douglas LaBier founded the Center for Progressive Development as a nonprofit educational, Screen shot 2014-02-06 at 9.44.46 AMconsulting and research organization. Its mission: to promote psychological health in the workplace and in personal lives. This includes integrating emotional well-being, meaning and life purpose; the social impact of one’s career and leadership; sustainable environmental practices; and responsible global citizenship in today’s interconnected world.

The Center’s programs and services derive from Dr. LaBier’s pioneering work on adult development within today’s career-oriented culture. His critically acclaimed book, Modern Madness, showed how and why career success can become a hidden source of emotional and values conflict. His subsequent work has addressed ways in which positive development is often distorted and deformed as men and women adapt to prevailing cultural values and behavior.

Picture 15With colleagues and state-of-the-art knowledge about human development and business leadership, Dr. LaBier helps individuals and organizations grow their emotional, spiritual and creative capacities within their personal relationships and conduct; and, in the workplace, contribute to an emerging business model that combines financial success with serving the common good.

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